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Paint Protection Film

PAINT PROTECTION FILM (PPF) From Lethal Premium Car Care

Lethal Premium Car Care understands Paint Protection Film (PPF) and the need to protect and preserve your vehicle’s painted surfaces. With a passion for understanding our customer’s needs and working in detail to address them- we are confident that you will find nothing but the best in our company’s services and products.

Protect Your Vehicle

New England’s harsh winters and road conditions will cause significant damage on your vehicle’s painted surfaces. Having Paint Protection Film installed provides maximum protection for your paint against the elements and preserving the resale value of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s painted surfaces are vulnerable to rock chips and scratches. Your vehicle’s paint can be damaged by environmental fallout, temperature fluctuations, tree sap, and bird droppings also by sand, rocks, gravel, road salt, and tar.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) will aid in keeping your vehicle showroom new.

Paint Protection Film offers protection of the vehicle painted surfaces. PPF is a clear sheet of polyurethane, that is cut by a plotter to your vehicle’s specific dimensions and shape. With an 8 mil. Film thickness and a 10-year manufacturer warranty, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is protected for many years to come.

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Benefits Of Paint Protection Film


Paint Protection Film protects your vehicles painted finish from common road debris damage, it will also prevent scratching if someone rubs up against the vehicle or damage from shopping carts. 

Color Retention

Protect against discoloration and staining caused by insects, bird droppings, air pollution, tree sap and other contaminants with Paint Protection Film. PPF provides you with a worry-free answer for preventing discoloration or staining.

Self-Healing Technology

Paint Protection Film’s clear coat layer will self-heal and eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks when exposed to sunlight or heat. The self-healing technology restores your vehicle’s finish without any effort on your part.

Resale Value

A protected and preserved exterior paint will guarantee a higher trade-in or a higher resale value for your vehicle. Paint Protection Film protects the exterior painted finish of your vehicle. While protecting the value of your investment. Whether its an exotic, muscle car, classic or daily driver, there is no reason to let your vehicle depreciate in value.

Paint Protection Packages

We have packages to fit everyone’s needs. From partial coverage of the most impacted areas to full vehicle protection. Our Paint Protection Film comes in both High Gloss and Stealth finish. We offer three main packages but can customize the protection coverage to fit the needs of the customer’s request.

Ultimate Package

  • Full Front Bumper Protection

  • Full Front Bumper Protection

  • Full Hood Coverage Protection   

  • Side View Mirrors Protection

  • Headlights & Fog Lights Protection

Ultimate Plus Package

  • Full Front Bumper Protection

  • Full Hood Protection

  • Full Front Fenders Protection 

  • Full Rocker Panel Protection
  • Side View Mirrors Protection
  •  Headlights & Fog Lights Protection

Full Car Package

  • All Painted Surfaces Protection
  • Piano Black Trim Protection
  • Headlights & Fog lights Protection

For the ultimate paint protection and gloss combine one of our Paint Protection Film Packages with one of our Ceramic Coating Packages.


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